Welcome to the baltic resort Goehren

The baltic resort Goehren is situated in the south-east of Ruegen on the peninsula called Moenchgut.

You can start many activities from here or if you want you can just relax and enjoy a great time on one of the beaches that only Goehren has to offer.


You can discover the island by bike, on foot, by ship, in the car or bus or with the popular steam train called 'Rasende Roland' - the 'fast Roland'. 

How would you like to spend your holiday?

On the beach

Goehren offers their guests two beautiful beaches. You can also find many different beaches close by on the peninsula Moenchgut. 


For all active people there are many different kinds of watersports you can choose from: surfing & kitesurfing, waterski & wakeboard, kanu & kajak, sailing, fishing, diving etc.


You can also take a boat trip on the Baltic to see the famous chalk cliffs.


Ruegen offers great cycling routes for all who want to discover the island by bicycle. You can find a very good bicycle shop with excellent service in Goehren if you want to rent a bike for your holiday. 


The public busses transport your bike on special trailers if you want to do a longer tour.


"I'm happy when I'm hiking..."


There are many many paths on Ruegen! You can walk along the beach, in the forest, on the dikes, through fields and meadows, on the 'Zickerschen Alps' or along the cliffs. Ruegen offers so much, it has such a rich nature and so much to discover.


There are four different museums in the baltic resort Goehren. One of them offers regular activities for young and old.


You can find a cinema and a comedy in the village and there are diverse music and dance festivals on the beach promenade


We recommend a daytrip to Stralsund, a hanseatic city. Take a tour through the beautiful old part of the town and visit the maritime museum or oceaneum there.


Only 15 minutes away by car from our pension Waldeck you can find a horse farm for all guests who like to discover the island on the back of a horse.


If you enjoy playing golf you can go to Binz which is only about 25 minutes away. There you can find a small new golf course.


There are many parks and farms, there is something for everyone.


You will not get bored during your holiday on Ruegen, that's for sure. There is too much to see and to discover.


You will want to come back again. That's a promise!